Select Briefings

10 Jan 2018 ‘Tackling emerging S&T challenges,’ United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

19 November 2017 Cabinet Office, London

25 May 2017 Cabinet Office, London

16 March 2017 Porton Down

25 January 2017 ‘How does cyber threaten biosecurity’ 67th Session of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, United Nations Geneva

10 November 2016 ‘The dual use potential of genetic technologies,’ Royal Society

6 October 2016 ‘The disruptive impact of synthetic biology‘ side event to the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly First Committee, United Nations New York

27 June 2016 ‘The historical roots of biological weapons’ BWC introductory workshop for new Geneva-based disarmament diplomats, GCSP GenevaUN.IMG_1530 copy-Edit

BWC Statements

In 2017, I took on the role of BWC NGO Coordinator and initiated the first joint NGO statement  which I delivered to the BWC Meeting of States Parties on 5 December 2017 on behalf of nearly 60 organisations and individuals. 

I have delivered statements in the NGO session at the last three Review Conferences of the BWC and at each of the biannual meetings in between. Most of these statements have been given together with my colleague Nicholas Sims (Emeritus Reader in International Relations, LSE). More recently, we have  been joined by our colleague Brian Balmer (Professor in Science Policy Studies, University College London). King’s, LSE and UCL are all members of the University of London, a confederation of academically and financially autonomous colleges with a long history of joint endeavours in education and research. Read my most recent statement.DSC_0948_rad copy-Edit

BWC Side Events

I regularly convene, or present at, BWC meeting side events, where much of the substantive policy discussion takes place on topics too contentious for formal consideration in the plenary sessions. Recent side events I have convened include a Film Screening & Panel Debate on the BBC4 documentary Inside Porton Down (Nov 2016), the launch of Biological Threats in the 21st Century (Nov 2016), and a panel on The Threat of Manufactured Disease (Dec 2014).

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