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20 May 2020 interviewed on Swiss SRF1 radio for its ‘Echo der Zeit’ program.

19 May 2020 comments in The Intercept article ‘In its zeal to blame China for coronavirus, the Trump administration is thwarting investigations into the pandemic’s origins’

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11 May 2020 interviewed on Deutsche Welle news report COVID-19 Special.

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27 March 2019 featured on Sveriges Radio P3 programme Dystopia ‘Det levande vapnet’

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14 Nov 2018 interviewed on key Georgian television channels including Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV

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28 June 2016 featured on BBC4 documentary ‘Inside Porton Down: Britain’s Secret Weapons Research Facility’

24 June 2016 featured in The Telegraph as ‘STEM career hero of the month

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6 March 2016 interview on BBC Radio Cambridge’s The Naked Scientists A-Zika of viruses: Preventing pandemics; repeated on Radio National ABC Australia 11 March 2016 and Radio 5 live on 12 March 2016.

March 2016 comments in Defence Procurement International feature on Biology As A Weapon.

28 January 2016 interviewed in the Evening Standard speaking about career paths for women in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM)

Guardian postgrad supplement 12 Jan 201612 January 2016 featured in The Guardian 2016 postgrad supplement.

3 September 2015 comments in the Daily Star article ‘Black Death is back: Global outbreak of the Plague could hit Britain’

21 May 2015 Nature correspondence on the need for robust, broad and deep public engagement with policy on mutational technologies like gene editing and gain-of-function.

26 April 2015 The Guardian blog on genetically modified humans, creating potentially pandemic viruses in the lab, and other red lines in the life sciences.

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21 February 2015 comments in The Guardian article “Top-secret military warning on Ebola biological weapon terror threat”

12 January 2015 interview on The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast about the security risks of synthetic biology.

9 December 2014 interview on Wilton Park podcast about the science, opportunities and risk of synthetic biology.

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21 March 2014 comments in Wired article ‘Information poses bigger bioterrorism threat than microbes’