19 September 2019 comments in The Telegraph newspaper article on ‘Russian lab blast: smallpox facility passed WHO biosecurity inspection in January’

15 September 2019 interviewed for ABC Science Friction programme “From bioterror to bioterror – should we worry about synthetic biology? Podcast Part 1, Podcast Part 2

27 March 2019 featured on Sveriges Radio P3 documentary ‘Dystopia: Det levande vapnet’

15 March 2019 research featured in Deutsche Welle article on ‘Sind Killerroboter & Co. noch kontrollierbar?’

15 March 2019 featured in Heute Journal on German TV ZDF news coverage (from 12:39 min)

15 March 2019 featured in Russian Deutsche Welle news coverage (from 2:20 min)

15 March 2019 research featured in Army Technology article ‘Digital disruption poses risk to biological weapons control’

14 Nov 2018 interviewed on key Georgian television channels including Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV

4 Oct 2018 comments in The Atlantic article ‘A controversial virus study reveals a critical flaw in how science is done’

19 June 2018 comments in MIT Technology Review article ‘US military wants to know what synthetic-biology weapons could look like’

31 May 2018 comments in Vox article ‘A genetically modified organism could end malaria and save millions of lives — if we decide to use it’

8 March 2018 comments in Finnish newspaper Aamulehti article on Skripal poisoning

8 March 2018 comments in local Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat article on Skripal poisoning 

December 2017 comments in Der Spiegel Wissen article on ‘Pandoras Petrischale’

11 Dec 2017 comments in Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German edition of ‘Scientific American’) article on ‘Eine Waffe gegen Malaria’

3 Nov 2017 research featured in Italian newspaper la Repubblica article

2 Nov 2017 comments in Sputnik News article on ‘How Russia is helping others prevent epidemics and bioweapon attacks’

17 Sept 2017 comments in International Business Times article on ‘Terrorists, rogue nations could easily access dangerous biological research’

15 Sept 2017 comments in New Scientist article on ‘It’s too easy for bioterrorists to access dangerous research’

1 Sept 2017 comments in The Irish Times article on ‘What’s that crawling out of the lab?’

20 April 2017 comments in Newsweek article on ‘Bioterror attack could kill millions, warns Bill Gates’

25 February 2017 featured in local Norwegian newspaper Lister article titled ‘Forsker på bruk av biologi som våpen’

Lister Newspaper Feature20 February 2017 interviewed in German Federal Ministry of Defense journal Wehrmedizinische Monatsschrift in a special issue on ‘Herausforderung ‘Biosicherheit & Gesundheitsschutz’

9 Sept 2016 interviewed in German journal Management & Krankenhaus in an article titled ‘Biologische Bedrohung: Dual-Use-Potential von Infektionserregern’

28 June 2016 featured on BBC4 documentary ‘Inside Porton Down: Britain’s Secret Weapons Research Facility’

24 June 2016 featured in The Telegraph as ‘STEM career hero of the month

17 March 2016 comments in The Metro article ‘Rat race to find a sixth sense.’

16 March 2016 comments in New Scientist article on dual use neuroscience

13 March 2016 interview on BBC World Service’s The Science Hour

11 March 2016 comments in International Business Times article ‘Banned research on deadly diseases MERS, bird flu and SARS could be making a comeback.’

10 March 2016 interview on BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science programme.

9 March 2016 comments in The Guardian article ‘Ban on most hazardous virus experiments could be lifted after meeting this week.’

6 March 2016 interview on The Naked Scientists podcast on engineering super flu.

6 March 2016 interview on BBC Radio Cambridge’s The Naked Scientists A-Zika of viruses: Preventing pandemics; repeated on Radio National ABC Australia 11 March 2016 and Radio 5 live on 12 March 2016.

March 2016 comments in Defence Procurement International feature on Biology As A Weapon.

28 January 2016 interviewed in the Evening Standard speaking about career paths for women in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM)

Guardian postgrad supplement 12 Jan 201612 January 2016 featured in The Guardian 2016 postgrad supplement.

3 September 2015 comments in the Daily Star article ‘Black Death is back: Global outbreak of the Plague could hit Britain’

21 May 2015 Nature correspondence on the need for robust, broad and deep public engagement with policy on mutational technologies like gene editing and gain-of-function.

26 April 2015 The Guardian blog on genetically modified humans, creating potentially pandemic viruses in the lab, and other red lines in the life sciences.

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21 February 2015 comments in The Guardian article “Top-secret military warning on Ebola biological weapon terror threat”

12 January 2015 interview on The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast about the security risks of synthetic biology.

9 December 2014 interview on Wilton Park podcast about the science, opportunities and risk of synthetic biology.

30 November 2014  interview on Radio New Zealand about biological weapons and the Biological Weapons Convention:

21 March 2014 comments in Wired article ‘Information poses bigger bioterrorism threat than microbes’