20 Mar 2023 Office of Readiness and Response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US

10 Mar 2023 EU Joint Action Terror, Norwegain Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Norway

6 Mar 2023 Committee on Proliferation, NATO, Belgium

17 Feb 2023 Centre for Biosecurity, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada

23 Jan 2023 Biodefense and Pandemic Preparedness, White House National Security Council, US

19 Oct 2022 Science & Biosafety Commission, Academy of Sciences, France

12 Oct 2022 Section for Global Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

7 July 2022 Australia Group, Paris, France

28 Mar 2022 Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

25 March 2022 Office for Science & Technology Policy, White House, US

16 November 2021 Office of Pandemic and Emerging Threats, Department of Health & Human Services, US

16 June 2021 Biodefense Coordination Team (BCT) under the National Biodefense Strategy, US

11 June 2021 Office for Science & Technology Policy, White House, US

28 January 2021 Division for International Security, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland

17 November 2020 Innovation & Research InSight Unit, Home Office, United Kingdom

4 December 2019 ‘Responsible research for high-threat pathogens’ WHO Strategic & Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards (STAG-IH), Switzerland

2 December 2019 ‘DURC governance’ Dual Use Research of Concern (‘DURC’) Working Group of the WHO HSI-TAG, Switzerland

4 September 2019 ‘S&T advances with high misuse potential’ WHO Health Security Interface Technical Advisory Group (HSI-TAG), Vancouver, Canada

6 June 2019 Australia Group, Paris, France

5 October 2018 ‘Export controls wrt biological engineering’ European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

19 June 2018 ‘New WMD threats from biology’ Conference on Disarmament, United Nations Geneva

10 January 2018 ‘Tackling emerging S&T challenges’ United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, Switzerland

8 December 2017 ‘BWC MSP 2017’ French mission, Geneva, Switzerland

10 November 2017 Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

25 May 2017 Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

16 March 2017 MoD, Porton Down, United Kingdom

25 January 2017 ‘How does cyber threaten biosecurity’ 67th Session of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, United Nations Geneva

10 November 2016 ‘The dual use potential of genetic technologies’ Royal Society, United Kingdom

6 October 2016 ‘The disruptive impact of synthetic biology‘ side event to the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly First Committee, United Nations New York

BWC Side Events

I regularly convene, or present at, BWC meeting side events, where much of the substantive policy discussion takes place on topics too contentious for formal consideration in the plenary sessions. Recent side events I have convened include a Policy Brief Series Launch on Revisting BWC Verification (August 2018), a Film Screening & Panel Debate on the BBC4 documentary Inside Porton Down (Nov 2016), the launch of Biological Threats in the 21st Century (Nov 2016), and an Expert Seminar on The Threat of Manufactured Disease (Dec 2014).