NATO’s Partnership for Peace

I am involved in NATO’s Partnership for Peace, with its commitment to increase stability, diminish threats to peace, and build strengthened security relationships between individual NATO countries and among partner countries. Its work on emerging security challenges links in with my work on synthetic biology and gene editing technologies, and the extent to which developments in these fields are enabling the creation of dangerous viruses from scratch and the design of radically new pathogens not found in nature.

FCO Dialogues on Non-Proliferation

I participate in the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Dialogues on Non-Proliferation, where government, academia and security institutes regularly come together under the Chatham House rule to discuss particular topics or themes.


I have been involvement in the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs community, with its longstanding commitment to dialogue across national boundaries. For many years, the Pugwash study group on biological weapons held annual, invitation-only residential meetings for key BWC delegations and civil society experts that provided a unique forum for frank and open dialogue.